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National Reports:

1 8th and 9th Combined CEDAW Periodic Report
2Initial to sixth CEDAW Report
3Bhutan Concluding Observations 7th CEDAW Report
47th CEDAW Report
5Concluding Observations 1st-6th CEDAW
6Gender at a Glance (2014)
7Gender Mainstreaming guideline (2014)
8Impact Evaluation Final NCWC (2014)
9Training Needs Assessment Report
10Unemployment study Final Report (2013)
11The Socio Economic Survey
12Bhutan Gender Equality Diagnostic of Selected Sectors (2014)
13Bhutan Gender Policy Note (2013)
14National Plan of Action for Gender (2008-2013)
15Study on Women's Political Participation in 2011 Local Government Election
16High Level Sensitization Programme on Gender Mainstreaming (2010)
17Study of Gender Stereotypes and Women's Political Participation (Women in Governance) (2008)
18Study on Situation of Violence against Women in Bhutan
1Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict (2014)
2Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography (2014)
3Convention on the Rights of the Children (CRC) 3rd - 5th Periodic Report (2014)
4BMIS 2010 Thematic Analyses Series- Child Protection
5Convention on the Rights of the Children (CRC) 2nd Conculding Observations (3 October 2008 )
6Convention on the Rights of the Children (CRC) 2nd Periodic Report (16 July 2007)
7Convention on the Rights of the Children (CRC) Initial Report (20 April 1999)
1Human Trafficking Situation in Bhutan report (2011)
2 BMIS 2010- Monitoring the Situation of Children and Women
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