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1World Development Report
2World Bank Annual Report 2014
3Interventions to prevent or reduce violence against women and girls
4Gender at work- A companion to the World Development Report
5Handbook on effective prosecution responses to violence against women and girls
6Global Study on Homicide 2013
7Women, Water and Leadership
8Women and Labor Markets in Asia- Rebalancing for Gender Equality
9Social Protection Index - Assessing Results for Asia and the Pacific
10Poverty Dimension of the Social Protection Index
11Maldives- Gender Equality Diagnostic of Selected Sectors
12Legislating Gender Equality - Support for Law and Policy Reforms
13Gender Equality Bridging the Gap
14Gender Equality and Food Security
15Gender and Climate Finance
16UNDP Gender Equality in Elected Office in Asia
17The Millenium Development Goal Report 2014
18RBEC_Empowering Lives Building Resilience
19Millenium Development Goal Task Force Report 2014
20Making Joint Gender Programmes
21Improving Womens Access To Justice
22Gender Equality Strategy 2014-17
23Enhancing Womens Political Participation, 2009
24Empowering Lives, Building Resilence, Deveopment Stories from Europe and Central Asia
25World Survey on the Role of Women in Development 2014
26UN Women Annual Report 2013-2014
27Reflecting on Gender Equality and Human Rights in Evaluation
28Realizing Womens Rights to Land and other Productive Resources
29Preventing gender biased sex selection
30Domestic Workers count too- Implementing Protections for Domestic Workers
31Capacity AssessmentTool
1Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2014
2Breaking the Silence on violence against Indigenious Girls, Adolescents and Young Women
3Too Young to Wed
4The South Asian Report - On the Child-friendliness of Governments
5State of the Worlds Children report 2014
6South Asia Advocacy Kit-Alternative Care
7CRC Child Friendly Version
8Children of the Recession
9Child Protection Information Sheets
10Championing Childrens Rights- A global study of independent Human Rights Institutions for Children
1125 Years of Convention on the Rights of the Child
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