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Key gender terms and concepts

Gender and Sex

Sex refers to the biological differences between male and female bodies. Gender refers to the sociologically and culturally based distinction between men and women. One‘s gender is therefore most often comprised of those roles and attributes that are not purely “natural” or biologically determined, but are rather dictated by norms and traditions. Because gender is not biologically given, the attributes of both male and female gender can (and do) change over time and across cultures. It is also important to emphasize that the concept of gender is not interchangeable with women. Gender refers to both women and men, and the relations between them. Promotion of gender equality should concern and engage men as well as women.

Gender Analysis

Gender analysis is a critical examination of how differences in gender roles, activities,needs,opportunities and rights/entitlements affect men,women,girls and boys in certain situation or contexts. Gender analysis examines the relationships between females and males and their access to and control of resources and the constraints they face relative to each other. A gender analysis should be integrated into all sector assessments or situational analyses to ensure that gender based injustices and inequalities are not exacerbated, and that where possible, greater equality and justice in gender relations are promoted.

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