Frequently Asked Questions

Which coutries are eligible for adoption in Bhutan?

list of eligible countries for international child Adoption are:

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Belgium
  3. India
  4. Kuwait
  5. Switzerland
  6. Thailand
  7. United States of America

Who can apply for adoption?

What kind of direct services does the Legal Unit of the NCWC provide?

  1. Facilitation and coordination of cases related to violation of rights of women and children.
  2. Facilitation and processing of Adoption of Bhutanese children.

Who may be adopted?

Any Bhutanese child below the age of 18 years may be adopted.

What are the procedures involved in adopting a child

  1. Submission of the application for adoption to the NCWC.
  2. Acceptance or denial of the application for adoption by the NCWC based on the eligibility criteria for adoption.
  3. Submission of a set of documents to the NCWC, if the application for adoption is accepted by the NCWC.
  4. Attend the pre-adoption counseling services provided at the NCWC.
  5. Filing of the application by the NCWC before the Court.
  6. Attend the Court hearing.
  7. Submission of a copy of the Adoption Order issued by the Court to the NCWC.

What does Waitlist mean?

It is a list, maintained by the Competent Authority (NCWC at the moment), of prospective adopting parents who have applied for adoption of a child. Upon the availability of a child for adoption, the prospective parents on the waitlist will be contacted by the NCWC on a first cum first basis.

What are the documents required to be submitted to the NCWC for the applicants (prospective adopting parent/s) to be on the Waitlist?

  1. Written application for adoption of a child.
  2. C.I.D copy of the applicant(s).
  3. Security Clearance Certificate of the applicant(s).
  4. Medical Certificate of the applicant(s).
  5. Income statement of the applicant(s).
  6. Marriage Certificate of the applicant(s).

Is the NCWC a Civil Society Organization?

No, the NCWC is an autonomous agency of the Royal Government of Bhutan.