Wishing Your Majesty A Very Happy 39th Birthday

On this joyous day, we the family of NCWC would like to join the Nation in celebrating and wishin...
Posted on: 2019-02-20

Awareness on NCWC for students from Laya Central School

The National Commission for Women and Children (NCWC) carried out an aw...
Posted on: 2019-02-15

Annual Gender and Child Focal Point Meeting

The National Commission for Women and Children (NCWC) is organizing Annual Gender and Child Focal...
Posted on: 2019-02-13

Sensitization to Dzongkhag and Thromde Women and Children Committee

The NCWC is currently sensitizing the Dzongkhag and Thromde Women and Children Committee members...
Posted on: 2019-01-17

Frequently asked questions

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Is the NCWC a Civil Society Organization?
No, the NCWC is an autonomous agency of the Royal Government of Bhutan.
What are the documents required to be submitted to the NCWC for the applicants (prospective adopting parent/s) to be on the Waitlist?
  1. Written application for adoption of a child.
  2. C.I.D copy of the applicant(s).
  3. Security Clearance Certificate of the applicant(s).
  4. Medical Certificate of the applicant(s).
  5. Income statement of the applicant(s).
  6. Marriage Ce...
What does Waitlist mean?

It is a list, maintained by the Competent Authority (NCWC at the moment), of prospective adopting parents who have applied for adoption of a child. Upon the availability of a child for adoption, the prospective parents on the waitlist will be contacted by the NCWC on a first cum first basis.

What are the procedures involved in adopting a child
  1. Submission of the application for adoption to the NCWC.
  2. Acceptance or denial of the application for adoption by the NCWC based on the eligibility criteria for adoption.
  3. Submission of a set of documents to the NCWC, if the application for adoption is accepted by the NCW...

Awareness Video on Toll Free Helpline 1098

Systems of NCWC

Toll Free HelpLine
Call 1098

In line with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan, CEDAW principles, the Penal Code of Bhutan, the Domestic Violence Prevention Act of Bhutan 2013 and Standard Operating Procedure on Case Management for Women and Children in Difficult Circumstances, Women in Difficult Circumstances refers to

Central Management Information System

To host centralized database system for women and children To provide an integrated solution for data collection, management and reporting for NCWC and its stakeholders.

Gender Equality System

The GEMS is the first of its kind in South Asia. Data and information on the GEMS can be accessed or updated in different ways by changing different parameters like date of coverage, disaggregation of results, and purpose of reporting by sector and/or agency. Currently, the GEMS will be accessed and used primarily by a network of Gender Focal Points (GFPs) operating at the national sector level as well as at the local government level to plan and report progress on gender-mainstreaming activities.

Acts and Rules and Regulations



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