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All the activities carried out by NCWC towards Women Empowerment and Child Protection.

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List of services that NCWC provides

Woman and Child Helpline - 1098

1098 Toll free helpline for women and child in need of NCWC's supports and services.

Protection Serivces

Provides counseling serivices and other related services to support women and children.

Legal Services

Provides Domestic and International child adoption services. Also provide alternative cares and legal advices.

NCWC Mobile App.

Provides channel to report women and child related cases using smart phone.One can also apply for Child Adoption.

Client Feedback

NCWC takes our client feedback seriouly to provide better services. Kindly provide us your genuine feedback



Central Management Information System

To host centralized database system for women and children To provide an integrated solution for data collection, management and reporting for NCWC and its stakeholders.

Link to CMIS


Woman and Child Helpline

The Toll Free Helpline for Women and Children in difficult circumstances will be operational from 9 am to 5 pm during weekdays. Voice messages can be send to NCWC during off hours and follow up will be made in the following days.


Gender Equality Manamgement System

The GEMS is the first of its kind in South Asia. Data and information on the GEMS can be accessed or updated in different ways by changing different parameters like date of coverage, disaggregation of results, and purpose of reporting by sector and/or agency. Currently, the GEMS will be accessed and used primarily by a network of Gender Focal Points (GFPs) operating at the national sector level as well as at the local government level to plan and report progress on gender-mainstreaming activities.

Link to GEMS

NCWC Mobile App

NCWC Mobile Application

The NCWC Mobile Application is developed with the objective to increase efficiency of service provision for women and children in need of care and protection by providing more options to seek services. The app provides easy access and convenient mode of communication to the survivors of gender based violence and violence against children to report cases and seek immediate intervention. Through this app anybody can report the cases to relevant authorities and seek support and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which coutries are eligible for adoption in Bhutan?

    list of eligible countries for international child Adoption are:

    1. Bangladesh
    2. Belgium
    3. India
    4. Kuwait
    5. Switzerland
    6. Thailand
    7. United States of America
  • Who can apply for adoption?
    What kind of direct services does the Legal Unit of the NCWC provide?
    1. Facilitation and coordination of cases related to violation of rights of women and children.
    2. Facilitation and processing of Adoption of Bhutanese children.
  • Who may be adopted?

    Any Bhutanese child below the age of 18 years may be adopted.

  • What are the procedures involved in adopting a child
    1. Submission of the application for adoption to the NCWC.
    2. Acceptance or denial of the application for adoption by the NCWC based on the eligibility criteria for adoption.
    3. Submission of a set of documents to the NCWC, if the application for adoption is accepted by the NCWC.
    4. Attend the pre-adoption counseling services provided at the NCWC.
    5. Filing of the application by the NCWC before the Court.
    6. Attend the Court hearing.
    7. Submission of a copy of the Adoption Order issued by the Court to the NCWC.