International Womens Day


Her Royal Highness Chimi Yangzom  Wangchuck, launched Bhutan's first comprehensive study on the prevalence of #ViolenceAgainstWomenAndGirls that will serve as the foundation to enhance protection & promotion of women & girls' rights coinciding with International Womens Day 2019 celebrations .

The NCWC through support from UNDP and the Austrian Development Agency conducted a nationwide study on the Prevalence of Viol ence against Women and Girls. The study surveyed more than 2000 women and girls across the country. The study revealed that the impact of emotional violence is traumatic and physical partner violence affects many women in Bhutan, with more than half (53.4%) of all women agreeing that a husband/man is justified to hit them. More than two in every five women (44.6%) have experienced at least one or more forms of partner violence in their lifetime be it physical, sexual, psychological or economic. 4.2% of ever-pregnant women reported to having experienced physical violence during at least one pregnancy. Almost one in ten women reported to being sexually abused as a child. Further, 12.5% of women reported to experiencing physical violence from persons other than their intimate partner since the age of 15 years.   

This InternationalWomensDay on March 8, Bhutan was celebrated with a National Textile Festival. The 3-day festival at the TextileMuseum in Thimphu was celebrate with the country’s women artisans

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