Inauguration of Creche at Thimphu Thromde and CFM


With the rapid socio-economic development, the patterns of the community have diversified
accompanied with increasing rural-urban migrations and change in family systems. The rise in
nuclear family has caused strains on the traditional child rearing practices of extended families
support. Without the affordable and quality child care crèches, the caring work account has
become the emerging challenge for the working parents. The responsibility of child rearing has
imposed strain to the working parents for their entry and lead in the participation, of all the
female employees even have to leave their work to attend their children.

As per the directives of the 92 nd Lhengye Zhungtshog 2015, the National Commission for
Women and Children (NCWC) spearheaded the establishment of Crèches in the agencies and
Dzongkhags. The Guidelines on the Crèche Centers in Bhutan is also developed to ensure
effective and sustainable functioning of the Crèches. Under the Asian Development Bank
Project, the NCWC has supported establishment of 15 Crèches in Central Agencies and
Dzongkhags. The main objective of the initiative is to create a conducive working environment
for working parents and support care and development of the child.

On 31 st May 2019, the NCWC and the Thimphu Thromde inaugurated a Crèche at Thimphu
Thromde Office which will cater to 17 children of the officials working in Thimphu Thromde
Office. The NCWC and the Centenary Farmers Market(CFM) Management, Thimphu also
inaugurated a Crèche at the CFM to cater to children of vendors. The Crèche will cater to 12
children aged 0 to 3 years. The event was attended by the representatives from Thimphu
Thromde office, BAFRA, Vendors and CFM Management.

A Public Private Partnership (PPP) Agreement was also signed including the implementing
agency (Thimphu Thromde and CFM), Parent representative and the NCWC during the
inauguration of the Crèches. The tripartite agreement is aimed towards the effective and
systematic functioning of the crèches at the workplace.

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